The charming journey of Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Done with Red Steel 2. Short review: A must play for it’s simplistic and sword combat. This is what Red Steel should have been in the first place, making you feel bad ass and a swordslinger.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is winning me over with it’s wonderful sense of style and awesome charm. Looking forward to Yoshi’s Wooly World too in this case.

Still impressed with Red Steel 2

Earlier in the weekend I tried my hand on the Wii’s Launch title, Red Steel. Apparently, 9 years later it seems. Haha. To summarise that experience though, I would say it’s not a good launch title with a bunch of bugs as well.

Red Steel 2 however, is mindblowing enough that everyone with a Wii should experience it. Seriously, I’m still having fun with it.