Delivering Joy

In 2007, I was like any other Malaysian gamer. And by Malaysian gamer, I have to note that there was a real wind of change that followed.

Piracy began it’s decline. Not just on Playstation, but on Xbox, and Nintendo consoles too.

I was a happy dude (Still am!) walking my way around the Forum Lowyat Nintendo Subforum. Made some awesome friends and began the best journey of my life that I couldn’t thank enough some times. You see, this subforum was the weirdest place you could have come into at a time. It was a time where Nintendo gamers hung around with their Nintendo DS’s and GBAs and played Original Cartridge games. And this was weird. Because Malaysia, as most people realised, is a land of piracy. But as I said, the wind of change had come.

And it struck me. That in the midst of being in a land full of piracy, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a seller who would focus just on the Nintendo market. That’s all they had to do. Besides, Gamers Hideout was known as the best place to play the Xbox 360, despite it’s hardware issues at the time. What could have gone wrong if I started it?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was how Kyo’s Game Mart began.

To be fair though, Kyo’s Game Mart started oddly. I was in a partnership with my good friend, Aiyish and we opened ILIS at the time. But, the universe had different plans for us.

As for me, I remember my first GBC. I remembered being more of a fan to Dragon Quest Monsters compared to Pokemon Gold at the time. The games on my GBC gave me so much joy that I feel sad now for not having experienced the GBA.

But I didn’t want that same sadness to happen to other children anymore. Or at least, the mission at that time was to not let anyone miss a Nintendo product. Over time, Kyo’s Game Mart’s mission changed.

Along the way, it grew to me delivering joy to others.

During the early days, it used to be a dream for me to actually deliver joy to others. I always asked myself, how can I deliver joy to others through a postage? Well, turns out that the package itself was the joy. In the past, I didn’t know how joyful people get when they got their games either by my hand delivery or by postages. Nowadays with social media, my reach to them got better. It still feels awesome when out of nowhere, I see a hashtag that says “inKyowetrust“. I’m not God, don’t want to be one either. But to be able to touch someone’s heart and see them smile, the tiredness actually does go away.

I remember another moment that I succesfully delivered joy as well. It was the Collector’s Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur held last May 2015. A little boy (who I mistook for a girl because long hair) was pulling his mother to my little booth and wanted a copy of Mario Kart 7. The mother (hesistant, no doubt) was saying that he has other games to play. And then, one of the best moments in my life happened.

This 6 year old boy, decided to use the oldest tactic known to mankind: he started kissing the mother’s cheeks. Picture the adorableness of a 6 year old using the most classic of tactics ever.

And by God, it worked. 😛 Not only did it melt the mother’s heart (The mother claims he has never done this before, so she wasn’t sure where he got the idea either), it melted mine that I had to give him a RM5 discount. My friend was there to attest to the excitement that I had in my heart when I know I was successful in my mission.

In the days that come to my life, the mission may see some change. Change is inevitable. That I am aware. However, I want the world to remember that as long as there is strength in me, I wish to deliver joy still. It will be the most exciting moment that I can dream of still when a new Pokemon game is delivered to the right customer. Or to actually see the amusing antics of people seeing me wear my Scarecrow costume when I delivered a Batman game (If there are more in the future, let me know so I can dress up still!). The power of joy is something that can’t be explained at times. You will just have to jump and go wild with me when you know you got the game you have been waiting for so long.

This is Kyo’s Game Mart’s mission. This is Kyo’s mission. And may you my dear friend be always joyful when we meet. 🙂


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