Putting Sales Aside

In line with the idea of delivering joy to everyone, I wish to seek more ways that can be done with. For most of it, it’s mainly done through purchases and sales (you guys know my service and how it feels like). But in order to reach further, I have decided to make an important change as well:

The Facebook feed is going to be less oriented with promotional sales posts. Instead, I’ll deliver more interesting for you to spend time with.

The website will run the promotional activities as deemed fit. Meanwhile, on the Facebook fanpage, I will be focusing more on delivering other things such as reviews for games, hands on videos of incoming games, fun stuff, stupid stuff, and me talking on Youtube. It will be fun!

So yes, Youtube will get a bigger focus this time as you hear me talk my way through the awesome stuff that i can find. While Instagram, is waiting for me to get a camera first. Instagram should have awesome photos of me as well. Hehe.

In fact, I am also spending some time to write WordPress articles for the benefit of gamers in Malaysia. This is in hopes that I get better touch with developers around the world to spare me some of their precious codes to deliver hands on coverage for Malaysians. Neat eh? Forum Lowyat.net will also be filled with good things for everyone who is visiting. Remember, Nintendo Subforum is your home too!

I believe this is how I can deliver joy further to everyone. This is an important step for me as I try to finish 2015 in the strongest way possible. With your help, I definitely can. 🙂


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