Post Production is a (Fun) bitch

Truth be told, I am loving my camera (Sony RX-100) and my Microphone (Audio Technica ATR2500) that I use for my videos. But taking the video and the audio using those two items is one thing. It’s another to actually post produce them both.

And post production is a bit more tiring than I expected.

While I mainly nailed down the video issue (I need to do something about lighting though), the audio is the biggest problem now. I lack the skills to use Audacity but currently trying out things such as increasing gain (but then there’s background noise. Urgh) and Normalizing the audio (which is ok, but I need to speak as consistently and as loud as possible without trying to sound quiet).

Despite the struggle, I actually am loving this shit. No serious. I really am. It’s fun to actually take some time to do something that you never thought you would do (I am a Banking graduate who worked at Bursa Malaysia and left because REASONS!). And the payoff is pretty interesting so far (plus I have Disney Infinity 3.0 coming as a review piece). It’s a slow start, but in doing everything by myself, I actually feel pretty nice about this.

Stay tuned for the video review that will come on 30th August 2015 during the official launch date!


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