Nintendo E Shop Update (30 August 2015)

We still have a little more of that Capcom E Shop Sale on going. So, it’s a good time to actually get a copy of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. Still, Sin and Punishment is now in Digital form!

WiiU E Shop

Sin and Punishment (N64 VC, USD 11.99): This is the first one…
Sin and Punishment : Star Successor (Wii VC, USD 19.99): And this is the Wii sequel that people still play. Both are good titles.

Runbow (USD 14.99, but you can get a 15% off if you downloaded the demo): An action platformer that Nintendo has been consistent in promoting. Now that it’s out, you had better play this because the reviews are loving the game.

3DS E Shop

Atlus is on sale again! Conception II, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey IV are the latest choices on sale today.

Also, the Capcom E Shop Sale I told you about earlier.

Go for RUNBOW!


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