The Transporter Refueled: Movie Review

Usually,  when a new guy replaces a previous actor from a series,  they either get liked (Roger Moore replacing Sean Connery) or… Not liked (Coughspidermancough). Thankfully,  The Transporter Refueled is entertaining enough to get recognised as an action worthy movie. Provided you can overlook the mega Audi commercial that it is.

New Frank (Ed Skrein) is forced into a job helping some pretty hot ladies into a heist. Knowing Frank,  he gets into bigger problems when the Russians are involved. Everything in this synposis will include an Audi S8 being driven,  fisticuffs and very minor gun fights. Your typical action trope.

I like how Ed Skrein is the new Frank. His charisma,  style and charm works very well and blends into the movie just nice without trying to do something over the top. Granted,  I would have loved if the impact he made was similar to Daniel Craig’s for Bond,  but this will have to do for now.

Surprising to me is the addition of Frank Sr. played by…  Not only does his character work well as a comic relief,  but pretty much holds on his own as a sidekick to Frank Jr.  in the movie. It’s like having James Bond as your dad. It’s a pretty awesome if you take it in his wisdom sense..

However,  the letdown in this movie is that I wished it could have been written better,  action wise.  Story is fine without trying to be overconvoluted,  but does end up being forgettable.  But this being an action movie,  it should have stepped the action up further. The Audi S8 only leaves a little impression and driving IN AN AIRPORT just leaves people wanting for more. Unfortunately,  that was it.

I do hope i get to see more of Ed Skrein taking on future movies involving him being the Transporter. I just wished he had more to fight on.


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