Nintendo E Shop Updates: 6 September 2015

Owh good deals this week. Especially when it concerns Gunman Clive. 2 games for 4 dollars on the WiiU. DAMN


Gunman Clive HD Collection (USD 3.99): Get 2 Gunman Clive games in 1 for the WiiU. Time to ride the Panda again!

VS. Excitebike (USD 4.99): Because most of us didn’t play the Japanese version. But played the original one. So why not?

Never Alone is discounted to USD 9.99 this week! Valid till 14th September 2015.


Atlus sale again! This time it’s Etrian Mystery Dungeon (USD 29.99) AND PERSONA Q (USD29.99). EEK

Also, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is now lowered to USD 29.99 forever.


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