Sicario: Movie Review

Sicario begins by telling you at the start what it actually means. In 70 CE (Christian/Common Era), it is a Jewish Zealot “who attempted to expel the Romans and their partisans from the Roman province of Judea”. These days in Latin America, it means Hitman.

This is actually the Hitman movie we deserved. With a smart story and powerful acting all over.

Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is asked to joined a covert op that would enable her to track down the man responsible with the escalating drug war in the US. Volunteering herself, she finds that she got in slightly deeper than she thought she bargained for. At the same time, the events surrounding her makes her question what is true justice and how far can the law actually go?

The leads are no doubt fantastic. Brolin, Blunt, and Del Toro are fantastic all over. I went into the movie hoping that the leads would be great and no doubt they did not disappoint. It was also nice seeing supportive characters such as Jeffrey Donovan (of Burn Notice) come in to help give very little comedic relief alongside the already wise cracking Brolin. Brolin steals the limelight just enough to get his side of the story going still.

The story is also pretty tense as you keep guessing what is going on in the covert op itself. What you are watching and hearing from the characters may not be what it seems. And it’s pretty clever as well. The side story, even looking like it’s off place at the beginning, makes perfect sense once you reach the end of the movie.

This is one of those movies that does not require any blatant action whatsoever. The action done in the movie is precise and just enough. When it needs to happen, it would be necessary to give further impact to Kate in understanding how covert ops operate. Heck, this is also one of those movies that the sex scene is perfectly placed. Never thought I would actually say that either.

If I had a complaint, I wished Alejandro (Del Toro) had a bit more of explanation to his character. But this is very minor. Him being there and the explanation is sufficient still. Besides, I needed a smart movie like this.

Having a very bad streak of action movies in August after Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, I’m glad to say that if you are looking for a smart action thriller (minor cuts in Malaysian theaters though), Sicario would be your best reward for patience so far. It may be slow for action junkies, but you will be rewarded at the end when the story successfully weaves itself tight.

Here Malaysia, have my seal of approval!

Wajib Tgk

Let me know which movie you want me to review next! Sicario was released on 17th September 2015 and now showing theaters near you. Distributed by TGV Pictures.


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