Oh No! You’re no longer getting notified!

I have asked a lot of people about this and it seems that most of them are not even aware of this issue that I’m having. So let me tell you a story.

At the Facebook Fanpage, I have over 5k subscribers on my feed. To a lot of people, this is quite a huge amount (Not as huge as the rest, but don’t worry about that just yet. Hehe). But if say that I post something on Facebook, I’m very much guaranteed that the reach doesn’t get to that much at all. In fact, it may just reflect close to 5% of my total subscribers. Here’s an example of a post:

(Note: This view is only available by Admins, which is the guy handling the page)

Notice that “252 people reached” part? That is exactly how many people in my subscribers list actually has been notified of the post. So, in the 5% that gets it, the other 95% won’t. Which is a huge shame.

But there is light into this kind of reveal. I have been publishing various posts as well that reflect various levels of improvement. For example, blog posts such as this get a significant boost up to 25% of the total (on average). Posts like the GST post and the Quarterly Income has shown popularity and hence increased it even further. (If you’re curious, GST was over 7200 in reach with the post being read by 999 people in 1 day. The Quarterly Income was at 2700 in reach) So, my next mission in my mind is to create content such as that along with others.

So, what else will I be doing? Videos! Very easy simple basic ones that I can spend just a few minutes of talking on Youtube for everyone. Then again, this Youtube video thing has been in plan forever and I keep stalling because time constraints. In fact, writing this post is a lot faster and easier to edit. So…. DARN IT.

But I did promise to update my FAQ. I have had a plan to actually make it look nicer, but, again it’s another stalled project that took forever for me to get through with. Also, I need to learn how to code. So…. Boo hoo. I’m a finance graduate btw, how the heck would I know anything about HTML/CSS codes? (Although, I have learn quite a number even by just copy pasting. So that’s pretty cool to me).

So in the mean time, if you want to know how to get more notified of my posts on Facebook? Then here’s a few suggestions I can give to you guys:

1. Get Notifications! (Though… be warned…)

There is an easy trick to get notified on the spot when you want to know if there’s something going on with Kyo: Subscribe to my Posts. The method of doing this is to click on the Get Notifications part to ensure that every time I post something, you will be notified of it.

(See that Get Notifications that’s being highlighted? Make sure it’s clicked to get notified)

However, it should be noted that I post at least 6 posts per day (MINIMUM). So, if it does get spammy, I HAVE NO RAGRETS. But as I am moving to a better shift in direction towards this business, I will be handling more constructive posts related to gaming instead.

2. Schedule yourself to check my FB Page.

The other thing I can think of is to establish a daily ritual to check my FB page. Or a fact, any other of your favorite seller’s page. We know that Facebook has trimmed down our content because FB pages are now posting SO MUCH MORE than the normal people who are your friends. This has also given me an idea to just cross post to my own friend list (Under the Kyo Yagami name) instead of posting just at the FB page, due to Facebook doing such a thing. But, Facebook will have to be assured that I am a credible source to keep doing that though.

3. Put my page on your left tab.

It is actually very possible to put your favorite seller’s pages close to you and you can easily check them. The way is to drag the page on the left tab and put in underneath the News Feed section. Here’s an example on how I did with mine.

So I placed mine right above saved. Now how this works is that you can monitor how many posts I have done (or you have missed) with the number next to it. Similar to the “Events” part which has 2 events for me to check back, you can see for your page as well.

4. Run back to Forum.Lowyat.Net

Or you could just go back to Forum Lowyat.net and socialise with everyone there. Method does not work if you’re an introvert. 😛 However, you can find me happily browsing at https://forum.lowyat.net/Nintendo.

5. Broadcast List under Whatsapp!

The good thing about inventions in this digital age is that there are plenty of ways to communicate with one another. Since Whatsapp is the largest used base in Malaysia, I was thinking of creating a Broadcast list to everyone in my list of contact numbers. So, those who have contacted me through Whatsapp are eligible, and those who have not, can contact me at 01 2885 2887 on my Whatsapp number. However, I need to figure out the issues that can arise from this (such as Spam type contents if any) and how to keep everyone’s number as a private number still. Also, on how to ensure that you don’t go through 100 something messages from one group or something like that.

6. Email Newsletter! (Not spammy. I assure you)

Next in line is the Email Newsletter that I am sending very soon to my customer list. If you want to subscribe, I’ll teach you later through Facebook.

So these are the six ideas that i have for you to try out and hopefully you can get more informed from your favorite seller. What do you have in mind for me to try to reach to you better? Feel free to suggest to me all your favorite ideas as well. 😀


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