The Martian: Movie Review

Ridley Scott is doing Sci Fi again! YAYYYY! And what a wonderful time this is. Already we have Gravity and Interstellar coming out in 2013 and 2014, and the Martian continues to show why this is a great time for space movies.

I’m wishing for another one next year.

Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is stranded in the worst place possible: Planet Mars. His mission, is to survive for the next 4 years before NASA can attempt another mission to get him back. And with how badly empty Mars is, he has only 31 days of food available. So, in his famous words now, he has to science the shit out of everything in order to survive.

The movie of course resembles a lot with how Cast Away is. So, consider this Apollo 13 meets Cast Away. To a major effect, this movie is brilliant through and through. Engaging, fun and exciting all the way. In fact, very quirky even.

I love how quirky everything is. From listening to 70s songs, to Watney actually being a bit of a jerk (he curses alot, live, broadcasted to the world), to making the audience feel smart with the science stuff that is going on. Earlier, I argued in my Pawn Sacrifice review that we can actually make a chess game exciting with the right visual ques and context placed in. I never thought I’d say this, but despite all the pressure that everyone has to face in order to get Watney out of Mars and for Watney to actually even survive, every bit of it is pretty damn fun.

The science part is mostly the fun stuff that happens in the whole movie. Not only has Scott successfully interpreted Science, but it’s how simple it can be shown and displayed to people. Of course most of the numbers we can’t relate to because it’s all still science talk. But the fact that they are still capable of presenting the science to all of us in very simple terms makes us feel very rewarding to be taking part in understanding how dire can the situation actually be not just for Watney, but for everyone back home as well.

The cast on it’s own is very pleasing to watch as well. From Damon, to the people on the spaceship Hermes, and back home on Earth. Everyone feels very synergistic to one another. Sure, Jeff Daniels may seem a bit like a dick but that’s what antagonists do.  You gotta have somewhat a bad guy this time.

And Sean Bean doesn’t die in this movie. That’s…. Something new.

Overally, I can vouch that every moment of this movie is exciting and engaging. I definitely have no complaints whatsoever to the movie. Go watch it!

Wajib Tgk

Let me know which movie you want me to review next! The Martian was released on 1st October 2015 in Malaysian theaters nationwide. Distributed by 20th Century Fox Malaysia.


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