That happy KDU 3DS Gamers Gathering

In a span of 10 hours, I probably sat for less than 1 hour. That was how long I was standing around at the KDU 3DS Corner organised by KDU Game Club. The time spent being there? Totally worth it.

No doubt I was happy being a part of the host of the event itself. But it was nice to have the presence of people who came over to not just help me with the setup but also with the fun part. Coming pretty early around 9.40am, I forced a few minions from the KDU Game Club to help me carry loads of stuff. Even then, I didn’t have enough time to set everything up properly. Haha.

There were 3 sections from the booth area. First was the fun area, which is also the place where I destroyed some people’s childhood. The idea was to provide for the Smash Bros WiiU, Super Mario Maker and the unexpected Guitar Hero Metallica station where everyone wanted to be a rocker. Some failed, but at least there were those who rose to the occasion. I had fun joining in Metallica’s One section of the song. Microphones always bring crazy karaoke people together. hahaha.

Second section was the game sales. That was….chaotic. Because not even being able to lay down all the games, already people have attacked me asking HOW MUCH. Granted I should have arrived earlier though. But still, I would say I almost got it handled in a way. Fun also to note that half of my stocks were pretty much cleared. I am scratching my head wondering what should I be restocking now.

Third part was also fun enough. It was the food part. This is not directly handled by me but I wanted to bring in people who were able to make and provide food during the day itself. I was told that there wasn’t going to be enough people selling food. HOWEVERRRR, there were quite plenty of people who were actually doing it themselves. Haha. We managed ok to feed the stomachs of hungry people there. I’d eat more of the meat pie though. Hahaha.

It wasn’t easy to handle the store and the tournaments as well. Frankly, I wanted to do both. But of course I can’t clone myself into 2 people at any one time. I had fun giving nightmares to people who played Mario. Super Mario Maker allows for that. At first I wanted to find a level that was fun to play online. But instead, lacking the time to do so, I stuck with the last level of the Nintendo World Championship 2015. Cosmo could finish that. I’m sure most Malaysians can do that too. Although, in the end, just one guy did. haha

Smash was also fun to supervise. With the tournament being casual, I figured having the items on and the stock instead of a time limit was better. Finals was more on a KO basis though. That proved trickier to do.

I can’t express in truth how fun it was to be there in the first place. Surrounded by friends, fans, and newcomers who have never seen my store before, it was always fun to get acquainted to familiar faces and introduce people to things like Guitar Hero Metallica that are considered as dead. (Guitar Hero Live is coming though!)

Will I be joining more events such as this? Yeah definitely. If anything, it’s fun to be a provider for the people when it comes to gaming gimmicks such as this. I will have want to grow this slowly into something much bigger. I did dream of sending someone to join international tournaments for gaming. But some day indeed.

Next event? Well, there are already 2 of them within 5 weeks from now. It’s a matter of asking myself how much of time will I have to do it all though.


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