Mr. Holmes: Movie Review

Well, better late than never. And at the very least, the wait was very worth it. Seeing Ian McKellen taking on one of my favorite characters of all time is not only rewarding, but the movie and story itself is a fun watch too.

Sherlock Holmes is 90 something. Really, I forgot his actual age. haha. He has thrown himself away from Baker Street and is being cared for by a little boy named Roger and his housekeeper who is not Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock realises that his age is not helping his memory any further and wonders what happens to the last case that he took. With the help of Roger, Old Man Holmes goes for it and hopefully remembers what happened in that last case.

We have great Sherlock Holmes actors recently. Benedict Cumberbatch and RDJ are already pretty awesome on their own. You can now add Magneto on par with Cumberbatch. Not only is Old Man Holmes a wonderful thing to watch, it’s what you have wished for if Holmes was actually old. Ian is already charming. But to see a Sherlock who not only feels wise (still somewhat cynical at times) but still capable of holding his own in the world is no easy feat.

Plotwise feels wonderful as well. A sore point to most people is that the movie does feel a little slow. And all of a sudden, kicks into fifth gear and finishes everything off. I find joy in enjoying dramas such as this, but the real reward is everything is nicely tied with a big red bow. The end feels wonderful.

If there is an important message to the story, it’s about how Sherlock finally finds heart. Most of the time, we know that Sherlock is a pretty heartless character. He may get the job done based on logic and facts, but this movie attempts to show us one side of him that we have never expected: His feelings. Ian definitely fits very well into providing this performance for all of us that every moment of him getting closer to his last case enables him to understand a little further on why human beings are so peculiar and weird to him all along.

While this movie may have been late, and of all times, released alongside The Martian, I would still tell people to give the movie their time. I just hope Season 4 of BBCs Sherlock continues this as well. (And don’t forget the Christmas Special end of this year!)

Wajib Tgk

Mr. Holmes was released on 1st October 2015 and is distributed by TGV Pictures.


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