Don’t count on prices dropping just yet

The recent appreciation in the MYR has dropped the insane price of the USD to a more managable level. Hovering around RM 4.1 -4.2 for a dollar, I am here to tell you to not count on prices dropping back to lower levels that fast just yet.

It should be noted that some of our suppliers had to take stuff during the highest peak that happened in September. So, unless they clear those stock out first, there’s no guarantee of prices dropping.

I do secretly hope that the New 3DS XL drops slightly from the insane RM 970. And I also want to try and restock on the Nintendo E Shop Cash Code. I am seriously almost out of that stuff. Haha.

Another note, if it is going to happen, the MYR may get better during November. This is purely speculation out of me because I’m paying attention to the market now (always have anyways). But if it does, then I’ll be the first to restock on more stuff for everyone.

Happy Awal Muharram everyone! 😀


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