The Walk: Movie Review

If you’re afraid of heights for whatever reason there is, avoid this movie in 3D. Serious. Especially IMAX. That depth was very good. But as a movie on it’s own, there may be some entertainment value for you.

And then there’s Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Philippe Petit is an adrenaline junkie who wants to ensure that he can do a wire walk on the tallest thing possible (Petronas Twin Towers was not available in 1997, nor the Burj). This is indeed a true story of his infamous walk between the World Trade Centers that gave birth to not just wire walkers, but adrenaline junkies including a Spider-man who climbed the Petronas Twin Towers.

JGL plays Philippe with a good effort and charm, albeit that French accent is… something. He may be the star of the movie, but the drive to watch it unfortunately is not from his performance. His work on Don Jon is much better.

But the star is again Zemeckis with his wonderful direction and truly wonderful shots of the ground below. The movie doesn’t drag on too long at 1hour 45 minutes, but the pacing mid way is a bit off putting. I do like seeing JGL narrate his enthusiasm and highlight behind the backdrop of the towers and he stands on lady liberty. But from the comical antics at the beginning, things shifted a bit too serious closer to the end.

The technical marvel is exquisite however. The towers are gorgeous to look at, and everyone gave life to 2 towers that literally just feels like any other building. The 3D effect (on IMAX) was sensational. There is a real sense of fear when you do see how high it feels to be on the 110th floor. Or 420 meters above. I had to remove my 3D glasses a few times just to remind myself that this is a movie, and I’m not actually on that floor. Other 3D achievements were also prevalent during certain scenes, but I won’t spoil it for you. The 3D experience is worth it over here.

Even so, I find myself feeling slightly unrewarded at the end. While I would have wanted to see actual footage of Philippe doing the walk as it were in 1997, there were none of that at the end credits. But instead, a very small and heartfelt tribute to the towers were there instead.

While Philippe had placed his performance in the mark of history as the most amazing coup done in the last century, this movie didn’t reach it there. The documentary that came a few years back is said to be much better. I will let you be the judge for that.

The Walk was released in 22 October 2015 and is now showing on Malaysian theaters nationwide. Distributed by Sony Pictures Malaysia.


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