Nintendo E Shop Updates (8 November 2015)

Considering Rodea The Sky Soldier isn’t available in hard copy for both versions, best to get the download one? Well, provided I can restock the Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes fast enough. T_T

WiiU (and 3DS also)

Rodea The Sky Soldier (WiiU: USD 49.99, 3DS USD 39.99): It may not work well with the Japanese audience, but if you’re ready on 10th November, give this title a chance. You might be very surprised.

Yo-Kai Watch (3DS only, USD 39.99): Or just get the hard copy version from Kyo considering it’s a pretty popular ghostbusting title featuring Japanese ghosts. I still wonder how the American audience will feel like catching Japanese ghosts.

3DS Sale:

Just SMT Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker getting a USD 29.99 price tag instead of USD 39.99. Starts tomorrow til 23rd November 2015.


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