The Zakat Sale

Some of you may be clueless as to why I called this sale “The Zakat Sale”. In fact, some think it’s just a gimmick. But before I get to that part, let me explain something about Zakat itself.

Zakat is an Islamic Tax that must be paid by Muslims. There’s a lot of types and varieties to Zakat itself, but for the purposes of not to confuse others, I’ll just call Zakat as the Islamic tax that I have to pay as I operate my business. The Zakat is to be paid annually, but it’s a pretty flexible tax as well from how I see it. Based on what I asked in the past, if I were to have come to a full year’s cycle of operating my business, then I am ready to pay.

The Zakat Sale’s purpose is easy as well: I am intending to clear out stocks available at my house and use the money to pay for the Zakat itself. Is there money to be made? Not really. There may be a ringgit or 2, but most of the prices that you see in the sale are below cost. So, I’ll be writing a big loss come end of this month. But it’s cool though. As long as there’s money to pay for the Zakat then I’m happy for taht.

Most people tell me to avoid taxes at all times. Sure, we already hate the government that much because things have not gotten any cheaper since the GST came in. (Rumor has it that they are also asking various parties on why the Ringgit is plummetting against other currencies. Please, they know the answer to that.) But personally, Zakat is another story to me. The Islamic calling of asking one to pay for Zakat is that it cleanses the earnings of what you have made from all manner of sin. And when you spend towards religion, you’re considered ok in God’s eyes.

For myself, I would like to pay Zakat so that I may help others in the world achieve things through the money that I have given. Zakat is redistributed to the poor by helping them start up their own business or through general welfare. It is possible to just pay directly to the parties as a means of charity (this however is unconventional), but I feel that paying my Zakat towards an official party that is managing the funds would work for me as well. All that matters for me is the faith of knowing how people’s business can thrive as we help each other grow.

It did take a while of planning and while there have been events that happened earlier this week that did not allow me to properly execute plans, I am happy and glad that the Zakat sale is now out and will end on 26th November 2015.

If you’re interested to see what’s in store, head over to the links below:
Facebook: under “The Zakat Sale” photo album.
Website: under Sales section.


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