Which one is my Fate?

The good thing about Fire Emblem Fates is that it understands that not everyone loves playing Strategy RPGs. While Fire Emblem Awakening was amazing, some balked at how hard it was.

Which is why it was important for Fates to have both in Birthright and Conquest.

Before we go to the differences though, here’s some general differences discovered so far:

  • Maps are not the same in ALL 3 GAMES
  • Length of game? Each of Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation, is the same as Awakening. TAKE THAT.
  • You will cry at the end of all 3 games. I don’t guarantee that but you at least will be emotional.

Story goes…
On the surface, Birthright’s story continues with you choosing the Hoshido kingdom. Conquest is with the Nohr. Birthright means that you’re an ungrateful bastard who wants to beat the people who raised you because they are conquering you while Conquest is you forgetting everything you know or have about your birth family with a middle finger. (Revelation is instead, middle finger to both kingdoms as you build your own)

You like it hard or soft?
On the inside, there’s a more important feature that separates the two entirely: game difficulty. Birthright is easier for you to test and play with. You can fight as many times as you want, get better with the game and it’s practically fine. Conquest however, is much more calculative. Battles have a set limit, and every action you make, there’s no turning back. The game will end with however poor or brilliant your choices will be. This is the harder part of Fire Emblem.

Culturally Charged
Depending on which copy you take as well, your units that you can use in your battles will also differ.  So, be prepared on that part because you might need to ease your strategy further in Conquest. Weapons and items will differ too. Somehow, the Hoshido kingdom is more Japanese oriented while the Nohr feels more medieval. That means that depending on your version, be prepared to see your characters use cultural based weapons like a Katana or Naginata, against your enemies with swords and spears.

These are the known differences within the games. While it is hard to choose, it’s a good point to know that the final decision begins with the difficulty that you would prefer to play. If you’re just starting out, Birthright is your best option. But if you’re a vet, Conquest will be amazing.

Once either of that is done, Revelation will be important as well. Not only is it cheaper, but feels more crucial to fulfill the newer part of the story.

Or if you want, all 3 is bound to give you a great experience. So, if you’re ready, click the link on the right: http://kyosgamemart.com/collections/preorder-games/products/fire-emblem-fates?nopreview&variant=10452433095


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