Nintendo E Shop Update (24 Jan 2016)

Wow, what a week for downloads! The Winter Warm Up sale is still on going, plus ZACK AND WIKIIIIIIIII. Seriously, those who never played this awesome (and rare in physical copy) gem should invest their USD 20 NOW!


Minecraft Story Mode Episode One (USD 4.99, or buy all 5 for USD 19.99 when they slowly roll out): Just in case you had access to only one place for Minecraft. Which is… kinda unlikely now. haha.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (USD 19.99): BUY. SERIOUSLY. BUYYYYY

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario World 3 (USD 7.99): Remember, this is considered the COMPLETE version. Because it has all 38 of the e-Reader levels included as well. You know, that thing that you couldn’t buy earlier when you were younger. Haha.

3DS Sale

Atlus is discounting the Etrian Odyssey Untold series. Both 1 and 2. Til 1st Feb 2016.


Game Mesra Kanak Kanak untuk PS4

Ramai sebenarnya yang bertanya dan tak berapa tahu bila nak cadangkan game dekat kanak2 zaman sekarang ni. Jadi, Kyo ingatkan elok gak buat list untuk game yang pernah release untuk PS4 yang dikatakan sesuai untuk bebudak. Kemungkinan besar tak ada game exclusive PS4 yang memang dibuat untuk kanak kanak saja. Tapi kita tengok dulu list di bawah. Continue reading

Nintendo E Shop Update (17 Jan 2016)

If there was something that you feel missing in your life, and have been plagued by it’s worthiness, then likely the game that makes you feel like that is Metroid Zero Mission. Well, it is still based on the first Metroid, but to just say it like that is to undermine it’s awesomeness.


Metroid: Zero Mission (USD 7.99): I guess this a sliver for us to keep waiting for Pokemon to be ready next month. hehe

WiiU Sales

Injustice: Gods among us: USD 6.99 (down from USD 19.99)

3DS Sales

Atlus is at it again. Code of Princess (USD 9.99) and SMT Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker (USD29.99) are on sale.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven: USD 19.99 (Down from USd 39.99)

One Piece Unlimited World Red : USD 13.99 (down from USD 19.99)

Little Battlers Experience: USD 27.99 (down from USD 39.99)

Star Fox 64 3D: USD 27.99 (down from USD 39.99)

Credit Card Payment? Unlocked!

Kyo X Shopee

It has taken a long long time for me to do this, but finally I am ready to accept Credit Card payments. It’s not as direct as you guys may hope for, but it is open to everyone know.

Thanks to Shopee, I will now be able to credit card payments from Malaysians nationwide! This will also include Debit Card payments. You can now also use your Hong Leong or RHB Bank accounts to pay directly to Kyo!

Items that are eligible for payment with credit card is within the Shopee Store that i have created. From time to time, Shopee may even offer discounts for everyone to buy on my Shopee Store as well! So stay tuned for those.

All products are being uploaded slowly. Preorders will be uploaded as well.

So, shop from your phone, or shop from your PC too. I will be ready for everyone! 😀

Link to Shopee:


Here’s to a good 2016 for everyone

Happy New Year2016!

2015 is gone, 2016 has come. Will it be a good time for us all?

Well, maybe. But that’s up to everyone involved as well. Whether you’re thinking of getting a new game console, or a new game, or even just finding the best games of the past to play, know that you have Kyo to help you out the best way possible.

I’ll probably have another busy year in 2016. I may be getting a job again because I would like to expand my wings to other places, or start something completely insane based on my guts. There are a few plans that I want to see happen. And this will be a good year as any in the past to begin new things. Best not to waste time anymore.

So, to everyone who’s a bro or a sis who has been with Kyo’s Game Mart for all these years, welcome to 2016. It’s gonna be my 9th year doing this now. Hehe.