Credit Card Payment? Unlocked!

Kyo X Shopee

It has taken a long long time for me to do this, but finally I am ready to accept Credit Card payments. It’s not as direct as you guys may hope for, but it is open to everyone know.

Thanks to Shopee, I will now be able to credit card payments from Malaysians nationwide! This will also include Debit Card payments. You can now also use your Hong Leong or RHB Bank accounts to pay directly to Kyo!

Items that are eligible for payment with credit card is within the Shopee Store that i have created. From time to time, Shopee may even offer discounts for everyone to buy on my Shopee Store as well! So stay tuned for those.

All products are being uploaded slowly. Preorders will be uploaded as well.

So, shop from your phone, or shop from your PC too. I will be ready for everyone! 😀

Link to Shopee:



2 thoughts on “Credit Card Payment? Unlocked!

  1. Dear Kyo,

    There is no RHB bank acc provided during the checkout payment method. Or you meant to say we can use our RHB bank acc to pay direct to your CIMB/Maybank/Alliance acc?

    Regards, Liana



    1. Liana, what I meant to say is that you can use Credit Card payments under the Shopee app. At the website, things are still under Bank Deposit. Besides,the RHB to any of my accounts is already available since banking enabled Giro transfers. hehe


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