Nintendo E Shop Update (17 Jan 2016)

If there was something that you feel missing in your life, and have been plagued by it’s worthiness, then likely the game that makes you feel like that is Metroid Zero Mission. Well, it is still based on the first Metroid, but to just say it like that is to undermine it’s awesomeness.


Metroid: Zero Mission (USD 7.99): I guess this a sliver for us to keep waiting for Pokemon to be ready next month. hehe

WiiU Sales

Injustice: Gods among us: USD 6.99 (down from USD 19.99)

3DS Sales

Atlus is at it again. Code of Princess (USD 9.99) and SMT Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker (USD29.99) are on sale.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven: USD 19.99 (Down from USd 39.99)

One Piece Unlimited World Red : USD 13.99 (down from USD 19.99)

Little Battlers Experience: USD 27.99 (down from USD 39.99)

Star Fox 64 3D: USD 27.99 (down from USD 39.99)


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