Why is there a competition for Fire Emblem Fates in the first place?

Note: This is a very long post.

When I got the preorder notice from my supplier for Fire Emblem Fates, I was a happy dude. After so long of waiting, Fire Emblem Fates was finally ready for a date and ready to show it’s English side to the world. Now, along with the Birthright and Conquest versions, the elusive and hard to get Special Edition was also available for preorders. However, there was a note written on the byline:


I figured, sure, there would have been an issue with that. Heck, even Amazon and Gamestop have ran out of the Special Edition for sale to US consumers.

Knowing the situation and remembering how the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate situation was as well, I am very sure that there would be only a little and limited amount of Special Edition available for me to get from. And knowing Malaysian gamers, and those who want the Special Edition as well, I am very sure there’s around 50 people who hounded me for the Special Edition. Heck, maybe 50 is an understatement to the demands of the people (and scalpers too).

Now then, how can I be fair? Open up the preorders immediately and let the hounds fight for it? Nah, it wouldn’t be right. The scalpers would be ready as well. And I don’t want the scalpers to get it either. But I know it’s hard to even get the copies for everyone. That being said, considering I have helped them to get it, why not this thought:

Why don’t you let them earn it? By helping you out?

At first I was thinking, how can the people who want this item badly, help me out? Can they come over to my house and help with my orders? Can they be my minions for one day at Video Games Live Kuala Lumpur later on 27th Feb (I considered this heavily)? But then, what can I do to let them help me, wherever they are, regardless of who they were as well, and at any time possible?

“Let them share your presence to the world?”

Probably this was the best way of doing it. At the comfort of your home you can show out my brand name to the world. Or, well, maybe just Malaysia. Haha. But then, as a sharing contest, it wouldn’t have worked well. Sharing contest  would just imply, sure, I’ll share once and that’s probably it. LUCK BASED CONTEST.

“Make it a competition and let them earn it then.”

Many times I have mentioned that it was not a contest all a long. It is a full blown competition.So, in a competition, you need to fight your very best to earn that number 1 or 2 or 3. Now that there’s 10 spots available, why not let them earn the chance?

Long long ago, I wanted to ask for help. I really did. I wanted to get my customers to say, “Guys! Help me out. Let your friends know that I am doing this business and I sell video games and let them know that if there’s one Nintendo guy who’s great at selling Nintendo games, it’s this guy.” But my ego is HUGE. I can’t ask for you to do any of that. Not when I can’t figure out what to reward you with.

Help? Reward? Competition? Ego not diminished? I got it! This competition will serve as my customers helping me out by shouting my brand name for the next 2 months consistently and at the best way possible that doesn’t trouble them at all. And as a reward, those who did their best gets a copy of the Special Edition, either by winning or by upgrade.

I can tell you this: Anyone in this country can throw money at you. If you can tell me that you can throw money at me for Special Edition, then yeah it just means you can throw money at me. But what kind of a person are you? Are you the one who just throws money at me and then forgets me afterwards? Or is your allegiance to money? If so, then I don’t want to be your seller. At all. I’m serious at this. And yes, I am bold at saying that.

You know who I want to actually have the game? Those who would actually appreciate it. Really. Those who can play the game or glorify the fact the game deserves to be worshiped. Kyo does not need to be worshiped thank you very much. But the game should go to those who desire it well and, well, basically is not a scalper. You can see them at Ebay already. And yes, I’m serious.

Now, back to the competition, again, I didn’t want it to be a sharing contest. No, that does not work and I don’t like luck (I didn’t rise to be a prominent seller in this market just by luck). So, here’s what I devised for the rules to be as is.

  1. Everyone is allowed to enter
  2. Share as best as you can.
  3. Share until 1st Feb. And that’s it.

But there are mechanics that helps me determine the winner better. When I mentioned that the winner is not determined by Share Count, I meant it. Here’s how the calculation works.

  1. The people who share can earn a maximum of 3 points a day.
  2. If a person shares a post at 12am onwards, they only earn half a point
  3. Points are earned through specific times of the day. Each point will be earned at specified range of hours.
  4. The range of hours will go during morning (6am to 11.59am), afternoon (12PM to 5.59pm), and evening (6.00pm to 12am).
  5. Participants are not required to spam hundreds of post, just once within the range (of course they didn’t to know this. :P) (Pitchforks incoming Kyo) (Berani ka? Their Special Edition is with me. :P)
  6. The best chance to win is for those who joined the competition earlier when it started.

And that really was it. If i were to remember the people who shared as best as they could based on the my calculative methods, 3 people did it right without having to annoy their friends list. I remember seeing these three share at the right times: When they wake up, when they went for lunch, when they came home.

If you know what you did, then, you know you have a very good shot now. 😛

Now, the next element I want to share is to show everyone a very important point in this competition: It’s not viral enough. To call this sharing competition a success would actually be a lie. What I have gotten is basically people annoyed at the intense sharing done by the people who were involved and I know some of my friends were at the brunt of it. (Trust me people, if anything, I wanted you to stop relying on your Facebook Newsfeed. It’s a horrible place.) Here’s a screenshot of how the results looked like in the end:

(I’m having some trouble uploading the photo of the screenshot due to Facebook not loading my previous posts, but I will update this post with that once it’s ready.)

After a 2 month grueling campaign, it only reached to 6000 odd people. By my account, on a daily basis, it should have been higher. But I’m guessing because it’s in a way, a Spam competition as dubbed by Facebook, which lead to it failing.

Nonetheless, it didn’t mean that the people who participated had failed in winning. It just meant that Facebook isn’t kind to my campaign. Doesn’t mean people should not be rewarded for their hard work and effort.

So to recap, this competition, again, is just me calling out to you for help while I don’t ask you to trouble yourself with the details. I would love it if people could tell the world about me (and you have, so i thank you for that wholly), but again, it’s not a burden that you must carry. It is mine and mine alone at the time being. I will cook up more competitions in the future. But smarter ones indeed.

And if you feel like helping me by telling the world who I am, then please let me know. I will do my best to reward you with whatever I have (even if it is just a cup of teh tarik).


3 thoughts on “Why is there a competition for Fire Emblem Fates in the first place?

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA, and to make your comment on how Facebook is not your right advertising source more true, guess where I got this direct feed to my phone from?

    Google Page Feed which scrutinize what I read then select the article online on what it may interest me.

    And during the two month competition, I see zero of your competition share on my Facebook feed.



    1. Not surprised man. But itu lah. Gotta figure out more ways and more things to do. Besides, you know how I like to experiment stuff. At least I can say screw this part of marketing and go find somewhere else.

      But Google Page Feed? Damn. That really does suck. hahaha.


      1. Actually it doesn’t. If It can reach me cos I browse nintendo stuff. Imagine the market you are reaching that actively browse FE stuff.

        It’s all good in the end.

        You are here with my feed with the likes of Kotaku, nintendoeverything.com, eurogamer and other tech blogs.

        Good company those.


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