Nintendo E Shop Update (15 April 2016)

Ah… Bravely Second is now here… But it shouldn’t just be the only thing on your mind though. Here are some other worthy releases of your time as well.


Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (USD 6.99): I love the Brain Age series. But lack of mobility to bring it everywhere I go is sort of a bummer now. But still, I can probably enjoy this vertically on a huge ass WiiU Game Pad. May not be that good of an idea.

Lost Reavers (FREE!): The beta is now out. But I think you need to sign up with Bandai Namco first for that to happen.

Runbow and Shovel Knight are somewhat discounted. They are at USD 11.25 and USD 9.99 respectively. Fantastic games these two.


Bravely Second (USD 39.99): I have like 40 physical copies left that are cheaper than the digital price tag. But it’s your call~

Super Metroid: (USD 7.99): Because it’s the best Metroid you will ever play. Really.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (USD 7.99): Because it’s the best 2D Zelda you will ever play. Zelda WiiU may just take best 3D version later this year.

The Legend of Legacy is discounted to USD 29.99. Not bad really. Shovel Knight for 3DS is also on discount at USD 9.99.

Owh, and the eShop Spring Sale is still on until 21st April. And I have plenty of e Shop codes of course.


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