Nintendo E Shop Updates (22 April 2016)

This week is all about StarFox and the last solid Nintendo offering for the months to come. Which kinda sucks. Probably there will be eShop sales (The last one just ended 2 hours ago at the time of writing) to cover for the lack of new stuff coming though.


StarFox Guard (USD 14.99, or USD 10.00 if you’re buying with StarFox Zero): Surprisingly, Project Guard is a solid offering on top of StarFox Zero. Whether you want it or not, well, at least that’s optional too.

Mario Party DS (USD 9.99): Aside from the weird release of the Brain Age series on the WiiU VC, this is another because… we don’t have/ can’t have 4 WiiUs hooked up together. Sadly.

StarFox Zero (USD49.99): If you don’t want the physical version, then this is clearly cheaper.


No retail release. NADA. That was taken over by Bravely Second last week. Got yours yet?

Fire Emblem Fates has launched another DLC for another Map called the Witches Trial for USD 1.99. Part of Map Pack 1. So, buy Map Pack 1 instead since it has more value.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked is discounted to USD 9.99. Really.

Plus Fire Emblem Fates has released the Home Themes in English. I bet The Men will sell a lot more.


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