Nintendo E Shop Update (6 May 2016)

POCKET CARD JOCKEY IS NOW LIVE! Get addicted to just playing Solitaire’s Threes (or was it Triangle? I forgot). but still, it’s pretty damn fun.


Style Savvy (DS VC, USD 9.99): So, if you never experienced this pretty interesting Fashion sim, I’d recommend it. It’s actually pretty fun on it’s own.


Pocket Card Jockey (USD 6.99): We got horse racing plus solitaire. You thought the combo was weird? Well, tell that to the guys who did Pokemon. They made this. And also Tembo the Badass Elephant.

Super Punch Out (USD 7.99): Well, this is only for those with the “New” consoles. Since it’s an SNES title. Eh, i’d say it’s ok.

Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 2 should be live now. USD 7.99 for 6 maps with new units included.

This week’s Atlus discount is SMT DS Soul Hackers and Persona Q. So, yay?


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