Nintendo E Shop Update (13 May 2016)

Well then, we may have the release dates for Monster Hunter Generations and Pokemon Sun and Moon already, but lets not forget the new stuff that’s coming to the EShop this week too. Plus some Ace Attorney discounts. because, the discount is always good. Ehem.


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS VC, USD 9.99): If you somehow missed having this on your DS, you should get it. The game only plays with the stylus. No buttons involved. Seriously.

If you happen to have Minecraft for the WiiU, don’t forget to download the Super Mario DLC pack. it’s free.


Disney Art Academy (USD 29.99): Is art academy good? hell yes. It’s easy for everyone. And now you get to draw Disney characters. I’m expecting a whole lot of Elsa’s.

FE Fates next DLC, Heirs of Fate Part II : Realsm Collide is now available for USD 1.99. But I’m sure you have it already by buying the Map Pack 2 for USD 7.99

And don’t forget, Ace Attorney Dual Destinies is at USD 14.99, Trilogy is at USD 17.99 until 18th May. Which is the day we open the Preorders for Sun and Moon. Ready?


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