Nintendo E Shop Updates (27 May 2016)

I’m getting some buzz on StarTropics. But never heard of it before. Seems that it just got rereleased back on the WiiU VC. Interestingly, there’s even 2 titles for the game being rereleased. Just in case, it’s an NES RPG somewhat similar to Zelda plus Indiana Jones. Just… a little more modern? haha.


StarTropics (USD 4.99)

Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics 2 (USD 4.99)

Man, I really wished I knew something about these 2 titles to recommend to you guys something. haha.

3DS Sales

Some interesting titles are on sale this week (For Atlus, it’s next Monday onwards)

Stella Glow and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight is on discount from the usual. Should be at USD 29.99

If you never touched Sonic Generations yet, give it a shot. I can’t remember the price.

The studio behind Steamworld Heist is being generous by giving a USD 5 discount, making their latest effort at USD 14.99 until 9th June.


One thought on “Nintendo E Shop Updates (27 May 2016)

  1. Star tropics is an underrated game that has topdown view and focuses on puzzle solving and action. Its overworld is similar to zelda 2 for NES. If you like this type of puzzle/dungeon/action/adventure type it is worth a look. The learning curve and difficulty can be a bit high at times.


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