Nintendo E Shop Update (24 June 2016)

Hi abang kacak~

Well, E3 is done with and now they can start bringing in the games. We have with us Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE blitzing down today (Physical should be already in the country). But, aside from that and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, there’s nothing for the 3DS… Until next week’s Zero Time Dilemma that is.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (USD 59.99): The marriage between 2 RPGs is an interesting one. Thankfully, the reviews are pretty much glowing everywhere for the game. So, if you happen to be unable to get your physical copy, the digital one is here to stay.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team / Blue Rescue Team / Explorers of the Sky (USD 9.99, DS VC):  Don’t get confused. You only need to choose either Red or Blue and then Explorers of the Sky. That’s it. And Mystery Dungeon titles are actually pretty fun to be honest.

Mighty No. 9 (USD 19.99): If somehow you haven’t backed the game when the Kickstarter campaign began, well, here it is. At the same time, if you like me have paid USD 40 for it for the digital goodies too, well, how did you find it?

The only sale that seems to be worthy is Atlus’ Citizens of Earth. I think it’s discounted next Monday until 4th July.


Super Ghouls and Ghosts (New 3DS only, USD 7.99): You want brutal platformers? This is it. In the annals of Contra legacy, this is placed. And at the same time, it’s fricking fun.

This week’s happy sale belongs to The Legend of Legacy and Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (3DS E Shop exclusive). The former is a must play if you love hard RPGs. The latter…. Well, if you’re a fan i believe. But that’s it.


Nintendo’s E3 Mega (somewhat) Sale!

E3 is back for another year of jaw dropping awesomeness. That and Breath of the Wild. Owh you know how it is.

The sad part is that the sale is not as huge as the Japanese sale done two weeks ago. But still noteworthy. Here are some highlights of this sale:


Windwaker HD is at USD 29.99
Smash Bros is at USD 38.99
Splatoon is at USd 44.99
Kirby at the Rainbow Curse is at USD 23.99
Typoman is at USD 8.99


Smash Bros is at USD 25.99
Majora’s Mask 3D is at USD 23.99
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at USD 19.99
Project X Zone 2 is at USD 19.99
Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX is at USD 29.99
Story of Seasons is at USD 19.99
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden is at USD 14.99

For the complete list, head to

We are charging you too little on E Shop Cash Codes

I wrote this post last year in the previous blog. Now that I migrated to WordPress, I figured it’s best to resurrect this post again. Note that the currency mentioned in this post reflects our situation in July 2015. Before the whole insane jacked up price movement.

E Shop Cards are considered expensive in our country. Paying at least RM 40 for a USD 10 Nintendo E Shop Card is seen as absurd (Now it’s RM 45 though). But here’s the thing: What If I told you that RM 40 i spoke off earlier, was cheap. Of course any of you wouldn’t believe me. It’s Malaysia, we’re not regulated by anything in the industry to have something that is “cheap”. Everything needs to be discounted. Because we all want it. (but usually won’t get it. :P)

But that is actually, the reality of it. That RM 40, for a USD 10 Nintendo E Shop Cash Code or Card, is cheap. Here’s the reason why:

You already know there’s no regulation in terms of how much the cash codes can be charged. But, what you don’t realise is that, everywhere around the world, a USD 10 Nintendo E Shop Cash Code, is not sold at USD 10. Actually, it’s sold for USD 12.99 at retail (taxes not inclusive yet). How do I know this? I have scoured a mega huge number of retail stores in the US (by help of other people) to scour the difference in pricing among retailers there. It’s consensual, everyone sell it for USD 2.99 extra for USD 10.

So how much is the cost that a seller pays for the USD 10? You guessed it, USD 10 itself. Yup, that is the actual cost charged to us sellers. The USD 2.99 is the profit that the retailers take from you. The profit that Kyo takes from you however, is explained as well.

Lets change this to Ringgit then.

USD 10, on a good day, is at RM 37.50 (so you can see the cost price). USD 2.99 however, is at RM 11.2125. Total cost sold for: RM48.7125.

And I’m only charging you RM 45 for that at the moment. So technically, if I were to change everything back to USD, it’s USD 12 for an RM 45 card. And yes. The USD against MYR is rising. Yet, still RM 45 from my side.

So, you still think I want to rob you of your money or I’m too generous now slashing off USD1? 😛 Think of the profit made, it’s just 20% of the cost (which is ok to me, but I’m sure most people would say you must earn 30% minimum!).

And yes, the same applies for the other denominations that charges an extra USD 3 on top of money you’re getting. The sad part is that, at times that RM 7.50 is all we get anyways regardless of how much the e Shop card is (in other words, USD 20 35 and 50 gives me less untung. :P).

But hey, i always felt this was a nice service to give. And so here are the cost and profit that I get through eShop cards. Like I always said, nak jual kat you all mahal mahal buat apa. Dah lama dah aku discount kot. Haha. Korang jer yang rasa aku tak pernah bagi discount, padahal, far from it. 😛

PS: I may be writing about the Nintendo E Shop Cash Cards/ Codes, but to be frank, this can also apply to other game consoles as well. I can’t say about Facebook Cash, Steam Cards and whatnot though because those are different.

Nintendo E Shop Update (10 June 2016)

This week falls onto the Amazing Kirby: Planet Robobot. Mechas have never been this cute before in our lives.


Wario: Master of Disguise (DS VC, USD 9.99): Not a bad platformer at all featuring everybody’s favorite villain (or anti hero). The GBC Wario was still the best.


Kirby Planet Robobot (USD 39.99): Just in case if you beh tahan and want the game now. go digital!

Sega still has it’s on going sale for it’s 3D classics until 20th June.

And you can download Kirby’s Planet Robobot 3DS Home Theme as well. Of course, for a price. Heh.


E3 2016 Malaysian Time Schedule

Tis the season to be hyped for video game announcements! E3 isn’t so far away with the first showing beginning on this coming Sunday morning (Sahur time somewhat. Also, Square Enix’s Deus Ex showing this Wednesday doesn’t really count). So without further a due, here’s the Malaysian/ Singaporean/ Hong Kong time for all E3 awesomeness. (Links to live press cons will be shared later as well)

8 June 2016 (Wednesday)
Square Enix’s special Deus Ex Show
Time: 11.30 PM
Link to Press Con:

13 June 2016 (Monday)
EA E3 Press Con
Time: 4.00 AM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

Bethesda E3 Press Con
Time: 10.00 AM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

Kadokawa Games E3 Press Con
Time: 12.30 PM
Link to Press Con: TBA

14 June 2016 (Tuesday)

Youtube Live hosted by Geoff Keighley
Time: 12.00 AM
Link to Live Stream: Youtube

Microsoft E3 Press Con
Time: 12.30 AM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

PC Gaming Show hosted by PC Gamer
Time: 3.00 AM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

Ubisoft E3 Press Con
Time: 4.00 AM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

Sony E3 Press Con
Time: 9.00 AM
Link to Press Con: TWITCH

Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3
Time:  12.00 PM
Link to Press Con: Twitch

Credits to Cheesemeister3k for the schedule. Links will be updated from time to time. 🙂

Nintendo E Shop Update (3 June 2016)

First off, before we go to this week’s usual E Shop update, I should inform everyone (again) that Capcom is currently doing their spring sale until 6th June. The Sonic franchise also has a bit of a sale, but the only noteworthy one would be Sonic Generations. That’s it.

Now then, onto what’s new this week!


Metroid Prime Hunters (DS VC, USD 9.99): I know that at one point, this is one of the rarest games you can find in the world. Well, at one point that is. Now, it’s available on the WiiU. Make no mistakes, this is a solid Metroid title in the Prime series.

WiiU Sales

The Trine series is back on discount and will be discounted until 23rd June 2016.


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (SNES VS, N3DS only, USD 7.99): I’m not sure why DKC3 is getting the highlight. More attention should have been given to DKC2 at least. To me that is. At least that’s one more for the SNES VC library.

You know where to get your Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes right? If not, click what I just wrote and highlighted. 😛