Is it worth it to buy (insert game console name) right now?

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Some parts of this post may seem insensitive or weird. But, this is a special post when it comes to not just gaming, but about appreciations in life.

2 weeks ago I was beset with some disheartening news: My girlfriend had passed away from a battle with cancer for the longest time of her life. I was away most of the time the week before handling whatever I could for her side of family and friends which included a lot of rapport building. I can tell you I am fine though.

After deciding that the mourning period of someone’s passing is over, I then realised that this is now the time to celebrate those who have left and to cherish their memories as they have left an imprint in our lives that lasts as long as we can.

And then I remembered how short our lives actually are in this world.

Not that such an incident has not happened to me before. But, the magnitude of this incident is bigger than ever. Since it has now affected to the people who now realise that their mortality is shorter than ever. That being said, you can still go anytime.

Within the same week as well, the usual happened. I get people asking “Is it worth it to buy this console/that console right now?” Well, if you believe you have all the time in the world, I’d say you can take your time to wait. But the truth, how much of time do you really think you have?

We don’t know when we’ll ever go. That’s certain.But when you think of it, how many things in life do you really wish to have? To savor? To appreciate? To cherish? None of us can even tell the other where we’re going to go. We might just die as a lump of earth waiting to be converted into petroleum in the very far future.

So, think about it. If you have something that you wish to have, that you wish to start, think about the time that you have for it first. Sure, you can say “I’ll just wait for the next iteration in the future since it may be better improved than previous console.” But truth is, at what cost? At the same time, is buying that game console more important to you, or do you realise that now you have something you gotta achieve in this short span of time.

If I do have someone asking me that question again, my answer would definitely go “Why not? Time spent considering is time wasted in enjoying”. Go live, go celebrate life. And when you’re done, hopefully, the life you lived is the best one you can ever hope for.


3 thoughts on “Is it worth it to buy (insert game console name) right now?

  1. Hey, condolences since I only heard about this now. I know how challenging it is to be with someone who has a major sickness that can trigger at any time (my wife, btw).

    That said, I agree. Life is too short to dwell on such an insignificant choice. It’s best to enjoy what you can in the short time we have in this world.


  2. It is not so weird and my heart goes out to you. The bottom line is true… Enjoy it while you can… If you like something might as well go with it.
    Life is actually quite simple when it all boils down to it.


  3. Kyo, my condolences. I cannot fathom what you feel but I wish you strength and pray that she is in a better place. Take care, man.


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