Nintendo E Shop Update (26 August 2016)


As we gear up for a bunch of good things coming, especially Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, lets not forget the interesting fighting games coming exclusively to the New 3DS range. Yes, it’s the SNES VC titles.


Super Mario64 DS (WiiU VC, USD 19.99): Not content on having released the N64 version on the WiiU, here’s the DS version. No really, not kidding. Touch screen control is a bonus here. But not sure how uber pixelated it looks now. haha.


Street Fighter Alpha 2: While it’s not 3, Alpha 2 is still a beast to play with. And the smoothness on the New 3DS should complement on how gorgeous it feels. Hoho.

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers: Want something more technical without Super gauges? Play this one. It’s uberly balanced and you can use almost anyone and still be a God. Seriously.

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting: Want something even classic? Go for this. Just… beware of people with Zangief. Seriously.

The Legend of Kusakari (USD 4.99): Imagine the fact that Nintendo approved an indie title that looks WAY TOO SIMILAR to Zelda. No seriously, that’s the Legend of Kusakari. Well, probably not that many dungeons since the game is all about you using your sickle to hack weeds and grass and at the same time fight monsters living those places.I recommend you buy this just for the heck of hacking grass. Really.

And lastly, Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Demo is now available!


Make sure to check the Summer Sale first. The complete list can be found at

Atlus is selling the Conception II for  USD 9.99 until 5th September. If you want to find ways to bang 7 people have your offspring kill people… this is the game for you. (no really)

And Sega is discounting the super hard to find physical copy of Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure to USD 4.99. If you like puzzles and mini games, there ya go.

Go get your Nintendo E-Shop Cash Code right here.


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