Nintendo E Shop Update (7 Oct 2016)


And another week, another round. I wanted to say that not much games are coming this week. But then you’ve got Paper Mario Color Splash, Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, and Megaman X2 for the N3DS VC. Wait, that’s it? Not even an Atlus discount???


Paper Mario Color Splash (USD 59.99): Paper Mario is almost always charming as hell. And this game plays to the fun side of the charming series. All in an effort to restorecolor in the world and somewhat Mushroom Kingdom. Well, if Mushroom Kingdom had a huge ass real life fire extinguisher that is. Stay weird Paper Mario!

Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis. (USD 9.99): It’s a good puzzler if you never played the DS version. But if you already did, then you should be spending more money on games like Paper Mario Color Splash. No kidding.


Megaman X2 (N3DS VC, USD 7.19): Because it’s Megaman. Yup. That’s all I’m gonna write.

There was a restock on Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes, so feel free to get your codes! (Also, most of your Poke Bank is going to get expired soon, so you know which USD to buy. It’s USD 10.)



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