MNG 2016: Transport Options to Berjaya Times Square

19th November 2016 is fast approaching (as I type this, there’s 10 days left. NGEEEEE) and I figured that aside from making sure you guys know where it will be at, you should also know the various ways to head to the event. But first, the location!


For those who are familiar, the place for MNG 2016 is the same place where we did the ORAS Launch Party in 2014. If you’ve been there, then that’s easy to find. This is called the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Entrance (LG).

If you have never been there, it’s easy to find as well. Next to the entrance is a 7-11 shop, and opposite the entrance is a small parking spot near a residential condo/apartment. Heck, you can easily just drop off or park at the parking space to get your game. Then proceed to where else you want to go to. Here’s a Google Map photo of where the entrance is.


And here’s the actual area of the entrance:


How to get there:

By car: Nah, I kasi you Google Map location with latitude and longitude for your GPS. Who knows, tiba tiba the GPS brings you to Manhattan ka.

Webpage link:
Lattitude and Longitude: 3°08’33.0″N 101°42’37.9″E

By LRT: While our Public Transport system is… well, ok ok, the easiest one that you can identify is by using the Monorail system. All you need to do is drop off at Imbi Station at walk a few floors down to LG. You’ll probably be at the other end of Times Square, so head to the other end.

By Bus: If you’re closer to a bus (I am pretty close to one), then there’s several options under Rapid KL. Here are the bus numbers that you can use to drop off at Berjaya Times Square : 400, 401,450, 452 (if from Kotaraya), 420, 421, 540, 580, 590.

By Taxi or Grabcar/Uber: If your taxi driver or Grabcar/Uber doesn’t know where the hell is Berjaya Times Square, sila cari driver lain. If the driver malas, then lain cerita.

By Papa Mama drive: If they don’t know how to get there, use the GPS coordinates I gave you earlier. hehe.

On the next post, I will explore the available options to show to you guys where it is that you can stay at nearby Berjaya Times Square for cheap. Feel free to share this info!


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