MNG 2016: Where to stay near the event?

Berjaya Times Square itself has a hotel of it’s own… Provided you don’t mind paying hundreds for it lah (Last I checked it was RM 291. NGEEEEEE). But still, around the area you can still find some pretty ok deals as well.

First we have Sim Hotel. It’s somewhat cheap but the rooms can be tiny.wp_20161104_13_42_44_pro
88 Inn is on the same row as the entrance. The walk to the entrance is just 5 minutes, literally. (From RM 99 at
The Mercury Hotel is one of the more posh ones that is right behind of Berjaya Times Square.wp_20161104_13_44_41_pro
Classic Inn looks ok to me. So I can’t say much. (From RM 108 at
Irsia Backpackers (FromRM 53 at Agoda) and the UFO capsule hotel (From RM 45 at Expedia). I used to stay in one those capsule hotels and they’re pretty ok. Not for claustrophobic people though.wp_20161104_13_46_03_pro
There’s 2 more hotels to highlight here which is Sindbad Hotel (From RM 66 at and Orkid Hotel (From RM 64 at Agoda).


There’s a last one called Revopackers. Made for the hipster in mind (plus it’s very clean), if you don’t mind walking a little further to the event area than this is the best option I can think of on the cheap. They start from RM 31 at

These are the nearest hotels and hostels available that are on the cheap in my opinion. From backpacking to a room at the level of Tune Hotel, these are what I can suggest to you.

Or if you want to splurge, check Airbnb for the Berjaya Times Square Serviced Apartments. Those are the closest, but start at RM200 a night.

If you have more suggestions to tell me or others, please feel free to comment below and share!



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