What’s Missing from the Nintendo Switch Presentation earlier


So you know the Switch is coming on 3rd March 2017 (SABAR LAH ON THE PREORDERS), and it’s retailing for USD 299 or 29,990 Yen (SABARLAH ON THE RINGGIT PRICE), and you also know the games that are basically coming to the Switch on launch date (DON’T YOU EVEN START WITH ME).

But truth there is a whole lot of information that was not announced or missed announcement or just that Nintendo didn’t have enough time to cover during the presentation earlier. So, here are some of them! (At least)

Nintendo Switch Accessory Pricing

Interestingly, Nintendo was kind enough to tell you how much it costs. Because, you know. Everyone wants to know how much it’s going to be. But what about the rest of the items? Well, I got the US info. So, tread lightly.

Nintendo Joy Con (Each side): USD 49.99 or USD 79.99 for left and right bundled together.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: USD 69.99

Nintendo Switch Extra Dock: USD 90 (This comes with the dock, the adapter, and the HDMI cable)

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the opinion that these prices are pretty expensive for accessories. You’d have to forkout another 80 bucks for controllers (Don’t  even ask me in RM) And the Dock is somewhat… pricey. I’m open to docking my Switch in say another room. However, for another 90 bucks to do that, urm, I think I’ll do that if I feel richer at least.

The Switch’s Specs

Ah yes, they showed off the Joy Con, but not what the Switch is all about. Ok, so, on it’s own and not docked, it runs at 720p on Stereo. There’s a headphone jack underneath for you to plug in your stereo.

When docked, you get 1080p with 5.1 Surround. Ok lah. Not too bad for this day and age. But be warned, games like Breath of the Wild can only eek out 900p even when it’s docked. As to why, beats the hell out of me. The WiiU version might be superior in this case.

There’s 32GB storage in the Switch. Which… at this day and age could be insufficient. But you can expand it with a microsdhc which can possibly go up to… believe it or not, 2 Terrabytes.

The Joy Cons may be chargable through USB. What USB, we don’t know yet because the Switch will require it to be on USB C at least.

Owh batterylife! Undocked it will run from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours. Abysmal? Maybe for people who actually have too much time. I don’t. So it’s just right. Just don’t bring it for a long flight then.

What wasn’t mentioned if it’s possible for left handed users to actually play the game with left handed game controls. Just saying.

And that’s probably what was not informed during the presentation.

1 2 Switch is not bundled with the Nintendo Switch

By the look of things, and from the package that you saw earlier, there was no mention of software being bundled with the Switch… yet. This has not been confirmed yet though. As certain regions may not have the game bundled with it as a start. Huge missed opportunity if this was the case Nintendo. Not kidding.

Here’s a cover on how the games coming for the Switch looks like

Polygon detailed a whole list of game cover art for the Switch. The only thing is, they didn’t know how big it will look like. So, here’s one for the blog. The rest you can see from the link above.


The games they didn’t announce during the presentation but is coming

You saw the presentation, but you didn’t get formally introduced to the games. Here’s what you may have missed then:

Just Dance 2017 and Skylanders Imaginators are ready during the Launch Date

Has Been Heroes (March 2017)
Sonic Mania (Spring 2017)
Lego City Undercover (Spring 2017)
Super Bomberman R (March 2017) Note: It’s a Konami game. Cough.
Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!  (March 2017)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (28 April 2017)
NBA 2K18 (September 2017)
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers ( I SWEAR TO GOD)
Disgaea 5 Complete
Fast RMX
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition
Project Sonic 2017
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
2 Minecraft titles for the Switch
Farming Simulator (DA FAK?)
Arcade Archives
Syberia 3
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +
New Frontier Days
Nobunaga no Yabou ( I seriously though I saw Ryuga Gotoku from this. haha)

Well, that’s a whole lotta games. And some I don’t even know what the hell is it.

You are getting Free Games with Nintendo’s Online Subscription program

Much like the PS Plus or the Xbox Live, Nintendo’s Online Subscription program will come with free games. Listed so far however it was mentioned to be NES or SNES games. Also, it was mentioned as just ONE game per month. Urm, you can definitely do much better than that Nintendo.

That’s all you missed!

So far that’s pretty much it. I’m off to writing a Nintendo Switch impressions post and posting it tomorrow hopefully. In the mean time, you better get ready for the Registration of Interest for the Switch. 😛


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