How to claim warranty for your Asian Nintendo Switch from Maxsoft


So you got yourself a fricking fantastic Nintendo Switch. Went on an amazing quest breathing the wild with Link, knocked off someone’s arm with Arms, raced in karts, again, in Mario Kart, and practically just waiting for an Odyssey now.

And then your Switch cari pasal with you. Or, in other words, it’s starting to give you problems.

Now, if you did buy the Asian version of the console with me or other retailers who told you that you’re eligible for a 1 Year warranty with the console, then allow me to show you the steps of getting your Switch fixed and repaired by your sole distributor for South East Asia, Maxsoft!

Step One: Ensure you have the receipt with you from your retailer

Maxsoft’s first queries from you is that the Nintendo Switch must have been distributed by Maxsoft itself. So, they will need a proof of purchase or a receipt. When you have bought your Switch, make sure that you get a receipt. If not, how to claim lah?

Step Two: Make sure the receipt has the Serial Number for the Switch

Another consideration that you must be aware of is the Serial Number of the Nintendo Switch itself. The Serial Number can be located on the side of the box itself. This Serial Number should be written on the receipt earlier.

Side box of a Switch
See the right side of the box with the hole there? That’s the place where you can find the Serial Number for the Switch. Since this is my personal unit, of course I took that part out…

The reason why the serial number needs to be on the receipt is that Maxsoft can check if the unit is eligible or not for warranty. If it’s not a unit they distributed, you’re not getting the warranty claim.

If you don’t have the box anymore, you can check for the Serial Number through the Switch as well. Just go to System and then Serial Information and it will display the Switch’s Serial Number and the Joy Con’s Serial Number (This is important too and you must attach it to the Switch to view it)

If you somehow have the box, but can’t turn the Switch on, there’s 2 other ways.
1. The side of the box has the Switch’s Serial Number, but I’m sure you didn’t know the plastic for the Joy Cons has individual Serial Numbers as well. DON’T LOSE THIS. Due to the size of the plastic, it can be easily gone.

2. Hooking your Switch to the Parental Companion App on your Phone will also save the Serial Number of the Switch to the phone. Just in case you can’t turn on that Switch anymore and the box is missing.

It would be good to have the receipt to contain both the Switch’s Serial Number and the Joy Con’s Serial Number as well. That makes Maxsoft’s life easier.

Step Three: Contact M.M. Soft Malaysia Sdn Bhd

M.M. Soft Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of Maxsoft. They handle all the distribution of the Nintendo Switch consoles in the country. So, as they’re doing that, of course they’re going to be the people that you have to send the Switch. So contact them first.

How to contact them? Easy. Remember that box that you’re not supposed to throw away? Inside the box is a sheet of contact information to all 4 regions: Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. You only need to contact the Malaysian one.

M.M. Soft Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603-77251552

You are better off calling them first. Then they’ll probably ask you to email to them the issues and what not directly.

Step Four: Send the Switch to M.M. Soft Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Now that they have asked you to send the Switch, you can send it to them and they will handle the rest. You probably have to fill in a form. So remember to bring that receipt you got, the Switch, and the issues with it.

Step Five: Wait until they call back

Your Switch is at the mercy of the distributor. No choice left but to wait for them to contact you back in this case once it’s done. Go play another Nintendo Console while you’re at it. If you have one. If you don’t, I know who can hook you up with one. (Hint: It’s the guy who wrote this post)

Step Six: Switch repaired, collection time!

Once they told you it’s done, go take it!

And that’s all there is to it when it comes to claiming your warranty for the Switch. Nothing hard, just that you need to be prepared with it.

If you have any queries about the Switch or specific queries about the warranty, feel free to ask me at I’ll try to get back to you the soonest I can. 🙂


12 thoughts on “How to claim warranty for your Asian Nintendo Switch from Maxsoft

    1. Check the box first. It will have a sticker that says it’s distributed by Active Boekki KK. That one is definitely from Maxsoft. However, if you don’t trust the seller, send your serial number to Maxsoft and let them check for you as well.


  1. Hello Kyo,
    I bought the Nintendo switch set for my kids just before New Year 2018 and it died on them with the switch turn on/off sleep issue thought it shows charging and I has tried all tricks I can search on the web. The shop I bought only offer 2 months warranty and if I needed 1 year I need to top up RM $50 which I didn’t. As such do you think this unit I bought is legitimately brought in by Maxsoft Malaysia. Your reply will be appreciated. TQ.


    1. I can’t verify from my end based on the information supplied though. I’ll need more information. Like how the box looks like, the price for it. And so on.


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