Kyo’s Game Mart at Amcorp Mall

Updated: 10 January 2018
For everyone who is interested to find me at Amcorp Mall, these are the things you need to remember the most:

You can find Kyo’s Game Mart at the Flea Market Section of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Kyo loves to be at Level 2 of Amcorp Mall. Usually, it will be limited to 2 locations depending on the day of the weekend.

: In front of a pillar. The landmarks include Ivanmax Hair Studio and Le Fleur Boutique. One is a salon, the other is a ladies clothing boutique.

: In front of a pillar. The Landmarks include Pos Malaysia, PTPTN Office, and the escalator leading to the third floor right next to the pillar.
If you can view the landmarks, just follow the sight of the games nearby. You are very very close.
Should there be any changes to my location, please note that you can find the latest information under the Events tab.
The committed time that Kyo’s Game Mart opens at Amcorp Mall is from 11.00am/pagi until 5.30pm/petang.
There will be moments when I will open slightly later or earlier than usual. For that case, always check the Events tab to find out more info.

Am I open that week or not?
The best way to know this, is to refer to the Events tab at Kyo’s Game Mart’s Facebook page. It will include the latest updates of where I will be and what time I will be operating for the benefit of all.
Next Update: Pictures of where I am at in Amcorp Mall.
-KGM is open at Level 2, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Flea Market Section.
-Operating Hours: 11am until 5.30pm
-Saturdays next to Ivanmax Hair Studio. Sundays in front of Pos Malaysia.
-Check the Events tab to know the latest update where Kyo is at.

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