One thing bugging me about the Nintendo Switch


In 2 months time, the Switch will have reached it’s 1 year old anniversary. Over the past 10 months, we have seen amazing games being released along side. Bolstered by the fact that it is basically the hottest selling console as well in it’s 10 months of life, almost daily there’s a new Switch user either in Malaysia or even around the world.

However, I have noticed that is getting much harder to ignore as of late: The Switch is Nintendo’s most vulnerable console ever released.

I have been monitoring for the past 10 months when it comes to the Switch. From my own side of things, I have had customers who reported faulty joy cons mainly. To a certain extent, some Switches have also experienced the curved issue with the screen and the body due to the heat. Another have also came to me saying that their digitizer seems to have popped off from the body itself.

If it was one or two, I didn’t mind. But having seen more than 5 cases out of my sold units the past 10 months alone, I’m quite shocked. The Wii wasn’t like this. The WiiU wasn’t like this. The 3DS, though does have it’s share of issues, wasn’t like this either.

It’s funny how I’ve always believed that Nintendo releases sturdy quality consoles. It is rare to hear from someone that they had issues with their consoles immediately even. I usually can even tell people that the console is strong and sturdy and will last you for a very very long time.

Unfortunately, even my own personal Switch is going through the same issue with the Joy Con. The Sponge trick might work but I haven’t had the time to even open my joy cons yet.

As such, I would like to remind everyone that if it is possible, do make sure to get warranty from your preferred seller. For Malaysians, it would be best if it was covered by Maxsoft Pte Ltd for at least a year. Just make sure your seller states that it is an Asian unit and it does come with the warranty. Though different sellers may have different terms and conditions, the units should come with the warranty free of charge.

What’s your experience so far? Have you had to gone through getting a warranty claimed? Let us know in the comments section! And if you need to figure out how to claim a warranty, check back my previous post.


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