MNG 2016: Where to stay near the event?

Berjaya Times Square itself has a hotel of it’s own… Provided you don’t mind paying hundreds for it lah (Last I checked it was RM 291. NGEEEEEE). But still, around the area you can still find some pretty ok deals as well.

First we have Sim Hotel. It’s somewhat cheap but the rooms can be tiny.wp_20161104_13_42_44_pro
88 Inn is on the same row as the entrance. The walk to the entrance is just 5 minutes, literally. (From RM 99 at
The Mercury Hotel is one of the more posh ones that is right behind of Berjaya Times Square.wp_20161104_13_44_41_pro
Classic Inn looks ok to me. So I can’t say much. (From RM 108 at
Irsia Backpackers (FromRM 53 at Agoda) and the UFO capsule hotel (From RM 45 at Expedia). I used to stay in one those capsule hotels and they’re pretty ok. Not for claustrophobic people though.wp_20161104_13_46_03_pro
There’s 2 more hotels to highlight here which is Sindbad Hotel (From RM 66 at and Orkid Hotel (From RM 64 at Agoda).


There’s a last one called Revopackers. Made for the hipster in mind (plus it’s very clean), if you don’t mind walking a little further to the event area than this is the best option I can think of on the cheap. They start from RM 31 at

These are the nearest hotels and hostels available that are on the cheap in my opinion. From backpacking to a room at the level of Tune Hotel, these are what I can suggest to you.

Or if you want to splurge, check Airbnb for the Berjaya Times Square Serviced Apartments. Those are the closest, but start at RM200 a night.

If you have more suggestions to tell me or others, please feel free to comment below and share!



MNG 2016: Transport Options to Berjaya Times Square

19th November 2016 is fast approaching (as I type this, there’s 10 days left. NGEEEEE) and I figured that aside from making sure you guys know where it will be at, you should also know the various ways to head to the event. But first, the location!


For those who are familiar, the place for MNG 2016 is the same place where we did the ORAS Launch Party in 2014. If you’ve been there, then that’s easy to find. This is called the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Entrance (LG).

If you have never been there, it’s easy to find as well. Next to the entrance is a 7-11 shop, and opposite the entrance is a small parking spot near a residential condo/apartment. Heck, you can easily just drop off or park at the parking space to get your game. Then proceed to where else you want to go to. Here’s a Google Map photo of where the entrance is.


And here’s the actual area of the entrance:


How to get there:

By car: Nah, I kasi you Google Map location with latitude and longitude for your GPS. Who knows, tiba tiba the GPS brings you to Manhattan ka.

Webpage link:
Lattitude and Longitude: 3°08’33.0″N 101°42’37.9″E

By LRT: While our Public Transport system is… well, ok ok, the easiest one that you can identify is by using the Monorail system. All you need to do is drop off at Imbi Station at walk a few floors down to LG. You’ll probably be at the other end of Times Square, so head to the other end.

By Bus: If you’re closer to a bus (I am pretty close to one), then there’s several options under Rapid KL. Here are the bus numbers that you can use to drop off at Berjaya Times Square : 400, 401,450, 452 (if from Kotaraya), 420, 421, 540, 580, 590.

By Taxi or Grabcar/Uber: If your taxi driver or Grabcar/Uber doesn’t know where the hell is Berjaya Times Square, sila cari driver lain. If the driver malas, then lain cerita.

By Papa Mama drive: If they don’t know how to get there, use the GPS coordinates I gave you earlier. hehe.

On the next post, I will explore the available options to show to you guys where it is that you can stay at nearby Berjaya Times Square for cheap. Feel free to share this info!

Nintendo E Shop Update (7 Oct 2016)


And another week, another round. I wanted to say that not much games are coming this week. But then you’ve got Paper Mario Color Splash, Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, and Megaman X2 for the N3DS VC. Wait, that’s it? Not even an Atlus discount???


Paper Mario Color Splash (USD 59.99): Paper Mario is almost always charming as hell. And this game plays to the fun side of the charming series. All in an effort to restorecolor in the world and somewhat Mushroom Kingdom. Well, if Mushroom Kingdom had a huge ass real life fire extinguisher that is. Stay weird Paper Mario!

Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis. (USD 9.99): It’s a good puzzler if you never played the DS version. But if you already did, then you should be spending more money on games like Paper Mario Color Splash. No kidding.


Megaman X2 (N3DS VC, USD 7.19): Because it’s Megaman. Yup. That’s all I’m gonna write.

There was a restock on Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes, so feel free to get your codes! (Also, most of your Poke Bank is going to get expired soon, so you know which USD to buy. It’s USD 10.)


Which one? NES Mini or Famicom Mini?


Nintendo is still not letting anyone know about the NX. Nada. But you can still get excited over what is about to come on 10th and 11th November this year still: The Famicom Mini and the NES Mini respectively. While they may be 2 different consoles, one was exclusive for the US and the other is Japan only. That being said, we don’t really have that much of money to blow. So, which one do you choose then?

Lets get a few things straight:

  • Both are coming from Nintendo
  • Both are going to be priced similarly (hopefully RM 259 still)
  • You’re going to need an LCD TV or a monitor with HDMI port, regardless of whatever it is going to be. Your CRT TV will not work. Sorry.
  • They are stuck with 30 games and you can’t change what’s inside… Yet. (expect hackings to come later when the console is released)
  • Considering your CRT TV won’t work, there’s a CRT TV option if you want to play it the way it is meant to be. Ask Shmup gamers and they need that CRT Line. Pixel perfect works too if you want 1080p.
  • It will output 5.0 surround sound. Which is weird as heck when you think about it.
  • Both consoles allow you the 4 “suspend points”. Think of it as 4 save points if you feel bored in playing too much Metroid in one sitting.

Now then, lets get to the first argument, Game Exclusives. Both consoles will still have similar games. Here’s the list of 22 games you’re getting regardless of console version:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Castlevania
  • Donkey Kong
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  • Dr. Mario
  • Excitebike
  • Galaga
  • Gradius
  • Ice Climber
  • Ghosts N’ Goblins
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mario Bros
  • Megaman 2
  • Metroid
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-Man
  • Super Contra
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Now then, here’s the exclusives on each console:

Japan US
Atlantis no Nazo Bubble Bobble
Bumping Sumo Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari Donkey Kong Jr.
Final Fantasy Ⅲ Final Fantasy
Mario Open Golf Kid Icarus
River City Ransom Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Solomon’s Key StarTropics
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Tecmo Bowl

Of course if you’re like me and you gamed when you got your COUGHMICROGENIUSCOUGH, then some of the exclusives can be more familiar to you. Of course, I’d love the perfect package of having FF III in English, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Punch Out, DK Jr all wrapped in one.

Now lets get somewhat technical. I’ll out line some Pros first for both consoles:

US Pros Japan Pros
It’s all in English. Each Famicom already has 2 controllers. Yay! No need to buy more!
(Unconfirmed) The NES Controller port is similar to underneath of a Wii Remote. This could mean that the Wii Classic Controller can be used here. The Famicom mini is gorgeous.
The NES Mini is gorgeous. The Japanese Games list is much better.

And now, the Cons for both consoles:

US Cons Japan Cons
The controller wires are short. The controller wires are short.
You need to buy an extra controller. The story based games are in Japanese.

So, was that good enough for you to compare on both consoles?

Personally, I like the Famicom Mini more. Only reason is because this console feels more inclined to my childhood instead of the NES Mini. The good thing is that I did play all 22 games in both consoles. With the exception of Yie Ar Kungfu and Donkey Kong Jr on each iteration as well.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will get a great kick out of the oldies. And if you’re impatient, you can preorder the Japanese Famicom Mini right now. Keep in mind that NES Mini is a little hard to get now.

PS: You’re welcome to use this article. Just remember to let me know and credit me properly for it!

Nintendo E Shop Updates (30 Sep 2016)


Ah… Everyone is about to wake each other up tomorrow. Or just Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. September is ending! And the date to Pokemon Sun and Moon gets closer! (along with the NES Mini and the newly announced Famicom Mini. Damn Nintendo) But still, lets check out what’s worth for your WiiU and 3DS through the E Shop.


New Play Control Pikmin! (USD 19.99, Wii VC): If you feel bummed in not getting a Physical copy of the game, at least here’s the digital one. Dubbed the definitive version of the game, Pikmin does work best when played with a Wii Remote. So, go ahead!

Quest of Dungeons (USD 8.99, also available on 3DS, buy 1 version and get the other free): Dungeon crawlers, evil dude taking all the way, all in 16 bit glory. The thing is, it feels like a throwback to games of the 90s plus punishing difficulty. I say yes, this is pretty neat.

The best sale this week goes to Bit Trip Presents Runner 2, and it’s discounted by 50% until 3rd October. Not that long though. 😦


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (USD 13.49 at Launch, USD 14.99 after launch): Yay! GV returns in a sequel! And why can’t Mighty No 9 be like this instead? Anyhoo, can’t make out a proper review yet since it just came out (might not even be on the eshop yet as of writing), but hey, it’s pretty darn cheap.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits / Fleshy Souls (USD 39.99): Meh, go buy the physical one. I got them. And it’s much better than the first even though, it’s basically an alternate timeline story of the game with more Yo-Kai’s and better refined combat.

And you know where to get them Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes now~

Nintendo E Shop Updates (23 Sep 2016)


There’s something good for each console. The 3DS already has Dragon Quest VII from last week. This week it’s Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse and TOKYO RUMBLE. Then the WiiU has just rereleased Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii VC. And the New 3DS owners has got Final Fight 2 and 3. Owh, the WiiU has got free games too to boot.

Nintendo WiiU

Severed (USD 13.49 for this one week, or else it’s USD 14.99 later): This  used to be a Vita title and is one of Nintendo’s Nindies Summer Jam promos. The game itself is actually pretty decent. First person dungeon crawler while you swipe the screen to attack limbs specifically. Give it a try!

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii VC, USD 19.99): Because we all love some Donkey Kong platforming. No kidding.

Activision is putting a sale on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 until end of this month. No really. Go for it.

Nintendo 3DS

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (USD 49.99): Don’t buy this. Buy the physical so you get the emblems also.

River City: Tokyo Rumble (USD 29.99) (releasing on 27th this month, but I might as well lump it here as well): Kunio Kun is back! And in ENGLISH! You thought you’re never getting it? Well, Natsume is a little empty in their coffers and wants to show that to you. haha. So, here goes nothing. Next tuesday get ready!

Final Fight 2 / 3 (USD 7.99, SNES VC at N3DS only): Ah Final Fight… It never ceases to amaze me. but, personally, I still like Streets of Rage 2. Sorry.

Atlus is discounting SMT DS 2 Record Breaker to USD 24.99 this week. Pretty sweet deal.

And you know where to get your E Shop Codes…

Nintendo E Shop Update (9 Sep 2016)


The biggest release of course is Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice. Now would actually be a fantastic time if THE GREAT ACE ATTORNEY WOULD SHOW HIMSELF NOW. COME ON CAPCOM.


Jotun: Valhalla Edition (USD 13.49 for now, but only until 15th September): If you’re looking for a gorgeously looking game based on Norse mythology (while you wait for Kratos to make his way there), this is the game to play. Beautiful, challenging, and fun, this WiiU indie title should not be missed.

Letter Quest: Remastered (USD 9.99): If you like me are looking for something to crave Bookworm adventures or wanna play an pseudo RPG + Scrabble combo, this is your game. And trust me on this, this game is sweet.

Mario Strikers Charged (USD 19.99):Eh, if you want Mario playing bola then sure this wouldn’t hurt. haha.

Mighty No. 9 is on discount to USD 15.99 until next Thursday.


Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice (USD 29.99): Seriously, you wanna read my description about the weirdest defense lawyer in the whole world who basically owns the heart of every single human being with his charm? Stop and go buy it already geez.

Super Castlevania IV (N3DS VC, USD 7.99): Well children, don’t compare this with Symphony of the Night because you know this game is already insane enough. Whip it good!

Only one noteworthy Atlus discount this week, and it’s The Legend of Legacy for USD 24.99

And I will save you the trouble of finding the USD E Shop Cash Code for the Nintendo E Shop if you would just kindly click here. Cough.