A second hand KGM store. I am ready.

A long thought of process that likely won’t work that well is coming off a bit as an eye sore. Sure, people have asked, so I might as well give some consideration about it.

There is a small goal towards this though: It’s to collect all the available second hand games that can be sold to others. So trade ins will work very well. Provided if they have no qualms on the trade ins. And yes, Nintendo comes first. Hehe.

The situation in the US for trade ins is the same everywhere around the world when it comes to trading in: You usually get store credit to purchase other things. It should be noted that trade ins amount to very very low levels of prices. In the US, anything higher than USD 10 is rare for titles that have been released. A day old game would probably already get you a 40% reduction at most though.

If I were to implement trade ins, this is the same. There is no difference. It’s still about making money here.

Now that I have gotten the history part explained to everyone, here’s how it will work from my end:

  1. To those who trade their games, they will get Store Credit.
  2. Store credit’s value will depend on the age of the title, the condition of the game, and the popularity of the title.
  3. Kyo will appraise the game first before deciding on an appropriate value to assign to the games being traded.
  4. Trading can be done by posting the game or by sending it to Kyo directly during a delivery.
  5. Kyo reserves all right to assign the value as desired to the games being traded in and Kyo reserves all right to accept the trade in if deem plausible to both parties.
  6. Kyo will also reject the traded in title at any time he feels necessary even after he has taken the title in. This is only if there is an extreme necessity to do so.

I am pleased to announce that this initiative will begin on 4th December 2015. So if you’re interested to trade in your games, send me an email at kyos.game.mart@gmail.com 🙂


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